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Breath Control in Total Enclosure Bondage

I had a session with Y whom I call “The most professional among professionals”.

As a professional of topping exists, there is a bottom whom we could call “professional”.

What’s the definition of “professional”? I will pass that kind of complicated discussion to other Twitter users and I’ll move on.

Anyway, “Professional bottom” sounds really cool. But in short, it’s just an extreme kinkster.

As you can see, it looks abnormal.

He is wearing the super heavy mask was made by Rubbers Finest, the best shop for heavy rubber, ballet boots on his feet, and harness for body bondage, and piss bottle for breath control.

You should notice the huge gag in shape of a mouthpiece that is attached the mask.

I try everything by myself before trying them on my clients. But this puts me in a panic. There is always an expert in every field. I cannot believe there is a man who can stay calm with such huge gag. Incredible perv!!

In Japan, erotic and sensual SM is reaching its golden age. It’s very rare to see a session that is far from the general trend.

I’m so fortunate to have many nice (extremely kinky) clients.

To be continued…

Take care and see you soon.

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