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My sub girl Saya is a constant travel partner to me and it is possible to book a Mistress Chiaki session including her anywhere in the world. It is your chance to experience mutual punishment, humiliation and pleasure, and if you are respectful, I will let you help me torture her or she might help me torture you.

** Be aware that she is not an escort or provider of sexual services. She genuinely is my sub, only takes my orders and you are not allowed to touch her without my consent.

I recommend making initial contact for a session at least two or three days in advance, but preferably a week. In case of first time clients, I might ask for a security deposit. 

When you send me a session inquiry, please include your name, the date and time you would like to book, the types of play you would like to do, as well as your limits.

On the day of your session, please email me to confirm.

​As a pro Dominatrix I get many incomplete enquiries and mails lacking respect. Be aware that I do not tolerate such approaches.



The conditions depend on the country we're visiting. You can either catch us on tour (tour dates are published here regularly) or you can become a tour sponsor and invite us to your city.


Dominatrix and Subgirl
Dominatrix and Girl Shibari
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