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Cute boy’s Sissy training with my Sub Girl

With the help (or let's rather say use) of my exclusive sub girl, I trained a cute sissy boy. He prefers to be at the absolute bottom of the hierarchy, so that's exactly where I placed him - Mistress Chiaki first, Subgirl Saya second, Cute Sissy last.

BDSM Latex Sissy and Slave Girl

Since he likes bondage, I tied him up, mummified him, or ordered him around to make me coffee and fulfill other tasks. Of course he needed to be punished accordingly whenever he made a mistake.

My dear sissy - please forgive me that I couldn’t help but breath-control, whip and humiliate you because I just can't help myself around cute boys, I absolutely HAVE TO be stricter. You have the ability to please the sadist within me.

The highlight of today’s session was the threesome session with my subgirl. Two toys and one mistress, I'd call this my personal Disneyland. I made the two sit facing each other and connected his cock with her nose using a nose chain (of course in a painfully tight way). From there I teased and tormented them at the same time while they were torn between embarrassment, pain and pleasure. My subgirl wasn't following my orders so I had to whip her really hard which lead to her screaming and the painfully tight chain flying off her nose ripping at the cute sissy's cock. Oh the joy watching that....I was so inspired that I grabbed her by the hair and forcefully made her do all sorts of things to the poor boy. But let's not forget that the cute sissy wanted to be at the absolute bottom of the session. That's why I now used my subgirl to torture him together. While she sat on his face I slowly worked on his ass to make him an even more obedient sissy. We tormented every inch of his body until he went to heaven sighing like a dying angel.

I hope the three of us can meet again soon.

And of course if you wish to have a session of this kind, you know how to reach me

Take care and see you soon.

Sissy Fetish Whipping Spanking

Mummification Fetish BDSM

Sissy Shibari Bondage

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