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Double Trouble coming up

Dear Subs, slaves & kinky minds - I'll be all over the place during the upcoming few weeks. I'm off to Taiwan in a couple of days, off to Canada in November and if I can make it (which is also up to you) I might squeeze in Singapore at the end of the month, where my Sub Girl / Slave Girl Saya will be on duty for some dirty minded BDSM ménage à trois.

BDSM Slave girl

To rule out misunderstandings I've put together some info of how these wonderful threesome sessions usually work out. First of all Saya is my exclusive subgirl and she is a born masochist with an extremely kinky mind. Her preferences range from sensual to extremely painful, while she also enjoys being part of particular fetish oriented sessions. Although her loyalty is entirely to me, her playful nature gives me the freedom to use and abuse her as I see fit for the client. That means -

1. if you would just like to watch, she will be my object of abuse

2. if you want to share the experience of mutual punishment and humiliation, you will both be my victims and on the same boat

3. if you want to actively be part of her punishment, I will make you my helper and use you to make her suffer

4. if you are so submissive and masochist that all you want is to be even beneath Saya, she will gladly join me in teasing you and making you suffer through pain and pleasure (she enjoys both sides of the game)

All of the above patterns can be mixed up, so that you get to experience the different sides. So if you are ready to have the time of your life, there are 2 ways of making it happen, as mentioned on the homepage. You can either become our travel sponsor, so that we block an entire day dedicated to you, or you can wait until we come around and apply for a session.

Whether you are experienced or entirely new to this, we will adapt to your level and needs so that you can comfortably let go of all worries.

heavy rubber latex

We hope to see you soon!

* Be aware that Sub Girl Saya does not have sex with clients

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