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Perverted Girl Carries Her Own Shit

It’s so obvious that she is a perv. I’m sometimes asked, “Do you have sessions with girls?” My answer is “Yes” (they need to be real pervs/masochists). And boy, this girl is not an exception. She is a first class perv!!

Latex girl slave bdsm
Perv girl

She brought a rubber mask and a fishnet zentai suit. It’s a good start. When we were preparing for the session, she showed interest in an enema, so we decided to start the session with enema play (Scat play is my hard limit but I do like giving enemas for humiliation purposes).

While she was still preparing for the session, I gave her an enema and made her release a lot of shit to a drain in the bathroom. “Smells like shit!” I screamed and she embarassingly said, “This is so humiliating.” Of course, that's the purpose, your humiliation is my joy! I don't touch people's shit, the shit owner has to clean up their own shit. I made her carry her smelly shit from the bathroom to the toilet. Of course any mistake would be punished, that's how we roll here.

I used a neck corset to secure her head, and wrist & ankle cuffs to bind her hands and legs. Then I put some extremely, and I'm saying EXTREMELY painful clips from the US on her breasts. It was obvious that she wanted more of those (or maybe not?), so I clipped her labia as part of the Mistress Chiaki special treatment (did I mention they were extremely painful?).

Lastly, while controlling her breath through a piss bottle, I tormented both of her holes with my hands. She was squealing and struggling, but it was clear that she was blissful like she had never been. In short, she is a perv.

She was so cute and lovely while she was suffering, it made me feel all fuzzy inside.

What a wonderful time I had.

Take care and see you soon.

Latex Heavy Bondage BDSM
Latex Heavy Bondage

Latex Heavy Bondage BDSM

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