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The Overall Fetishist

He is a client of overalls. He told that he had a fetish for overalls. Probably nobody around him would notice, but when he is wearing overalls, he gets aroused. (Of course, his eyes get locked on a woman in overalls. **)

BDSM Overall Fetish

Since he comes to see me, needless to say, he is also a restraint fetishist.

On that day, he wore a zentai suit and I tied him. On top of them, he wore overalls. To hide them, he wore a jacket. I gagged him and put a mask to cover it. Then we walked outside a little.

On a hot day, here we are two pervs who are wearing a lot.

In general, people may think pervs tend to expose, but many of my clients seem to like wearing more.

Maybe, I might have the same tendency as they do.

I’m saying it because…. Most of Japanese (and globally) Mistresses have been increasingly exposing their bodies recently.

As going against the trend, I often wear leather pants, leather boots, leather gloves. I think I’m influenced by my clients.

In a Japanese room, I restrained a man in multi-layered clothes. I controlled his breath by making him wear a gas mask with a piss bottle.

The time of complete dominance flows slowly. And I’m just watching.

I absolutely love this abnormal situation.

I will do my best to continue to be an oasis for the kinksters who have nowhere else to go.

Take care and see you soon

BDSM Shibari Overall Fetish

BDSM Shibari Zentai

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