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The strict punishment

He used to be very rude (in the past). There was something impolite when we were exchanging some emails. (I’m half joking.) It made my punishment on that day real punishment.

BDSM Caning

The canes I’ve been using in my regular sessions are not specifically designed for BDSM. I go to a rattan wholesaler and ask them to cut rattan for me.

Since I purchase them cheaply, I get many pieces. Therefore, if it gets blood, I usually toss it out.

So there is nothing you need to worry about. You can receive my cane until you bleed.

A bad boy needs my strict discipline. I gave him a corner time after severe spanking, then I gave him a corner time again after caning him hard.

He told me he regretted at each cane he received by clenching his teeth.

I applied power pads for scratches that are designed for kids to his well-endured butt.

Come back again if you cannot control your desire to be a bad boy. I will punish you hard.

Take care and see you soon.

BDSM Equipment

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